Hilly's XL Mini Apple Cider Doughnut-ish Hand Pies Recipe

Introducing Hilly's XL Mini Apple Cider Doughnut-ish hand pies. A spin on this season's flavor, Apple Cider Doughnut, and a nod to one of Tosi's first desserts at Momofuku, these mini pies are the best of both worlds.

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Sour Whipped Cream Recipe

Sour Whipped Cream Recipe

One of Milk Bar’s first desserts was a fried apple pie served at Momofuku Ko with sour cream ice cream -- this slightly tart whipped cream is a nod to that, it really helps to cut through the sweetness of the filling.



-Add your heavy cream to a large bowl, along with confectioners sugar and salt -- whisk to combine.

-Whip your cream: vigorously whisk air into your cream, if doing this by hand, prepare for an arm workout. This will require about 3-4 minutes of concentrated whipping -- which doesn’t seem like a lot but it definitely feels like a lot. If whisking using whisk attachment on stand mixer, whip on high for 2 - 3 minutes, sit back and relax.

-When cream becomes barely stiff, is fluffy, and holds its shape-- gently fold in your sour cream. 

-Use immediately.