Hilly's XL Mini Apple Cider Doughnut-ish Hand Pies Recipe

Introducing Hilly's XL Mini Apple Cider Doughnut-ish hand pies. A spin on this season's flavor, Apple Cider Doughnut, and a nod to one of Tosi's first desserts at Momofuku, these mini pies are the best of both worlds.

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Brown Butter Apple Pie Filling Recipe

Brown Butter Apple Pie Filling Recipe

For apples I recommend Honeycrisp with a few granny smiths thrown in for tartness. If you can’t find Honeycrisp, Pink Lady are a great substitute.



-In a large bowl, add ¼ cup apple cider vinegar (as you cut your apples, add them to this bowl and toss in vinegar to prevent browning).

-Core your apple with an apple corer or by slicing around the core.

-Cut your apples into 1” x 1” cubes and add to your vinegar bowl.

-Toss apples to coat in vinegar and set aside.

-In a large heavy bottomed pot or dutch oven, add 8 Tbsp butter and set over medium low heat.

-Allow butter to melt fully, stirring occasionally with heat-proof spatula.

-Soon, the butter will begin to bubble and pop loudly and the white milk solids will rise to the top. Continue to stir regularly.

-After a few minutes the butter will begin to quiet down and bubble and pop less -- at this point you will need to watch your butter very closely to ensure it does not burn.

-Once you see the first few brown flecks appear, stir your butter constantly until the brown flecks reach a rich golden brown and butter smells toasted and nutty.

-Quickly add your spices, salt, vanilla, and granulated sugar to the butter.

-The mixture will foam a bit, then settle down. Cook your sugar/butter/spice mixture for 2 minutes, until bubbling.

-Add all of your apples along with any vinegar left at the bottom of your bowl to your pot.

-Add your light brown sugar and stir mixture well to ensure light brown sugar is dissolved, and apples are covered in your butter/spice mixture.

-Continue cooking over medium heat until apples release some of their juices, and the sugar mixture reaches a low simmer -- about 3 - 4 minutes. Make sure to stir your mixture regularly.

-Once at a light simmer, add your cornstarch and mix well to dissolve into sugar mixture.

-Cook for an additional 1 - 2 minutes, stirring regularly, until cornstarch is fully activated and sugar syrup has begun to thicken.

-Remove from heat and return to your large bowl or other vessel.

-Allow mixture to cool to room temperature before using, or even better, allow to chill in fridge for up to 24 hours before use.

*Note: if making this filling in advance and chilling in the fridge, some butter separation is normal, stir to re-incorporate.


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