Hilly's Holiday Cookies Recipe

Hilly is back with Holiday Cookies - inspired by nostalgic peppermint and mint treats, this recipe consists of thin mint style cookies, peppermint patty/oreo style filling, malty fudge, and a mint chocolate glaze. Perfect for your holiday table.

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Mint Chocolate Glaze

Mint Chocolate Glaze



-Mix dark chocolate and oil in a microwave safe container. 

-Microwave in 20 second increments, mixing well in between each round in the microwave.

-When your chocolate is fully melted and smooth, add your peppermint extract and stir. 

-Set aside. 

-In a separate container, repeat the same process with your white chocolate and oil. When fully melted add green food coloring (if using) and mix well. 


-This step is totally up to you, the best part of holiday cookies is that you can decorate them exactly how you want and get creative! But here’s my suggestion: 

-Dip each cookie halfway up into your melted dark chocolate glaze, and transfer to wire rack on top of a sheet tray so excess chocolate drips off. 

-Transfer your white chocolate glaze to a cornet or piping bag and snip a tiny hole in the tip. 

-Pipe your white chocolate in stripes over your cookies. 

-Sprinkle flaky salt or crushed candy canes over your cookies while they are still setting. 

-Once excess chocolate has dripped off, transfer from rack to parchment lined baking sheet to prevent cookies sticking to your rack. 

-I like to store these in the fridge so the chocolate stays snappy, but as long as your room is not too warm you can keep these at room temp for 1 day before serving.