Creamy Vanilla Frosting Recipe

Hilly is back with Holiday Cookies - inspired by nostalgic peppermint and mint treats, this recipe consists of thin mint style cookies, peppermint patty/oreo style filling, malty fudge, and a mint chocolate glaze. Perfect for your holiday table.

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Creamy Vanilla Frosting

Creamy Vanilla Frosting

NoteThis is a thick, almost dough-y frosting, so you’ll roll it out like a dough rather than piping or spreading – it’s somewhere between a peppermint patty and an oreo.



-Measure all dry ingredients into bowl of your stand mixer, set on low speed to combine. 

-Add shortening, corn syrup, extract, and food coloring and continue mixing on low speed until everything is fully homogenous. 

-Mixture should resemble a dough and shouldn’t stick to your hands. 

-If using, fold in crushed candy canes in by hand. 

-Press into disc and wrap tightly in plastic. Place in fridge for at least 30 minutes before using. 

-Frosting can be made 2- 3 days ahead of time stored in this fashion.  

-Roll out frosting: 

-Remove frosting from fridge. Unwrap and dust your surface, rolling pin, and both sides of your frosting with confectioners sugar.

-Roll out frosting until ¼” thick, dusting with confectioners sugar as needed to prevent sticking. 

-Using the same cutter used for your cookies, cut rounds of frosting. Then, using a smaller sized cutter (or the rounded end of a metal piping tip) cut another concentric circle out of the center of your round.

-Remove the smaller of the circles of frosting, leaving behind an “O” shaped round of frosting. 

-Carefully transfer “O’s” to a sheet tray and place in fridge until ready to assemble. 

-Re-roll the inner circles of frosting along with scraps until you have enough rounds for your sandwiches.



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