Hilly's Holiday Cookies Recipe

Hilly is back with Holiday Cookies - inspired by nostalgic peppermint and mint treats, this recipe consists of thin mint style cookies, peppermint patty/oreo style filling, malty fudge, and a mint chocolate glaze. Perfect for your holiday table.

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Hilly's Holiday Cookies Assembly

Hilly's Holiday Cookies Assembly


-Turn half of your baked cookies over, bottoms up, and place your “O’s” of frosting on top. 

-If your Malt Fudge has set – re-warm in 30 second increments in your microwave to a pipe-able consistency (should only be barely warm, not liquidy!) Pour the slightly warm fudge into a piping bag or ziploc bag, then snip the end and pipe your fudge into the center of your “O’s”.

-Once all are filled, place a second cookie on top of your fudge-filled frosting halves to sandwich. 

-Proceed to glaze and decoration.