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Malted Fudge Filling

Malted Fudge Filling

If there is a chocolate recipe, I will add ovaltine to it, end of story. If you don’t care for that malt-y moment, leave it out. The high proportion of invert sugar (corn syrup) helps this fudge stay silky, sticky, and chewy long after baking.



-Combine the following in a large bowl: Ovaltine, cocoa powder, dark chocolate, butter, salt.

-To a small saucepan add your cream and corn syrup, set over medium heat and stir to combine. 

-Bring to a boil, remove from stove, then pour cream mixture over the contents of your large bowl. 

-Stir everything together to make sure the cream mixture has covered all other ingredients. 

-Allow to sit for 1 minute so your butter and chocolate can melt. 

-Whisk together until all is homogenous and smooth. (if you have an immersion blender, feel free to use to obtain a smoother fudge).

-Place fudge in fridge to fully set before proceeding to assembly, about an hour.

-Fudge can be made up to a week ahead of time, stored in the fridge, or kept for a month in the freezer. 



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