Essentials for Holiday Parties

by Shannon Salzano

Published November 22 2023

Essentials for Holiday Parties


The holidays are a time for coming together with friends and family, to celebrate the season, share in traditions and, of course, eat! Staff parties, family feasts, and friendly hangs, the calendar really fills up with opportunities to celebrate the holiday season, and here are a few tips for how to make the most of every gathering and what to bring to a holiday party.

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The Importance of a Holiday Party Contribution

No winter holiday party is complete without tables of savory and sweet food, with folks contributing their favorite dishes to the merriment. Good manners dictate you should never show up empty handed, and if you’re trying to snag more holiday dinner invitations in the future we suggest bringing something to share.

There are a few things you should consider when planning what you will bring to a holiday gathering. Think of the crowd that will be enjoying your item: do they have dietary restrictions? Are there any foods they don’t like? Is it a christmas party or new years eve? You’ll also want to think of the setting for the gathering. Will there be a place for you to heat up your dish? Should it be edible without utensils? You may opt to bring something for your host to enjoy after their guests leave the holiday celebration!

One option is to bring something with a creative and festive flair. The internet is full of how-to guides for creating charcuterie boards in the shape of Christmas trees. Or perhaps a crudites christmas appetizer that looks like Santa, with red peppers and cauliflower. Of course there is always the classic holiday cheese ball!

Another option for holiday food gifts is to bring something sweet. The holidays are a time of indulgence and folks are looking to let their guards down a bit when it comes to dessert. Our Milk Bar Chocolate Mint Truffles are easy to serve and easy to eat, which makes them a great party gift. If you’re headed to more of a meal based gathering, our beloved Milk Bar Pie is always a crowd pleaser. Even better: we can deliver your treats straight to the party for an even easier holiday season. We also have plenty of additional Christmas dessert ideas that are sure to delight your guests.


If you're lucky enough to escape the office holiday party and spend the holiday celebration with friends and family, make sure you do your part in hosting and being something to share with the crew. Whether you DIYing your own festive holiday dish or looking for the top corporate gift ideas to bring your corporate holiday party on new years eve, we know it’s going to be a seasonal celebration to remember!

About the author

Shannon Salzano is a New York Times best selling author and hospitality industry veteran. A graduate of Northern Illinois University's Literature and Communications program, Shannon spent half a decade in editorial publishing before making the pivot to hospitality. She served as the Creative Director to Chicago's lauded Girl & the Goat restaurant empire for five years where she oversaw the design and launch of several brick and mortar concepts, a line of home chef sauces and spices, and multiple cookbooks. In her Director of Special Projects role at Christina Tosi's Milk Bar, Shannon has executed partnerships with household names like Google, Verizon, Converse, Cheetos and Pillsbury, and oversees brand voice.