4 New Year's Desserts to Ring in the Year

Published December 08 2023

4 New Year's Desserts to Ring in the Year


5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - happy New Year! As the clock strikes midnight on December 31st and we usher in a fresh year, many folks like to party. New Year’s Eve parties are a festive time for friends and family to come together to celebrate the year gone by and set the tone for the year they are ushering in. New Year’s Eve parties tend to be a sophisticated, glamorous occasion but of course you can choose to be casual and comfy as well - the most important thing is that there is something good to eat! Let’s take a look at the types of desserts you can expect to see at a New Year’s Eve party and what to consider when making your dessert board plans.

Milk Bar® Pie

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10” pie serves 8-10.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a New Year’s Eve Dessert

Once you have decided you are going to be celebrating the new year with others, the most important decision to make is what delicious dessert to bring! There are a few things to consider when making this important decision. First, you want to think about your audience. Do your fellow partiers have any dietary restrictions or food allergies? Maybe a gluten-free B’Day Cake is in order? Are there flavors or ingredients they don’t like? Keeping them in mind will help make sure your New Year’s Eve dessert is well received by all. Perhaps something classic like Milk Bar Pie checks all their boxes.

Next you will want to think of the New Year’s Eve party itself. Is this an adults only cocktail party? If so something classy like Mini Peppermint Bark Snaps would be appropriate. Maybe the vibe is more pajama party til midnight, in which case a cookie variety pack would be a crowd pleaser. You should also keep in mind what types of serving dishes or flatware is needed for your treats, and if the New Year’s Eve celebration set up allows for it.

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Party with pie.

During the holidays, pie reigns supreme amongst delicious desserts. Maybe because pies pack a warm and cozy punch of because they are classic in profile, everyone is happy when pie makes an appearance at a New Year’s bash. Our classic Milk Bar Pie brings all the gooey, buttery, brown-sugar-y energy your party is craving.


Celebrate with cake.

From birthdays to anniversaries and graduations, nothing says special occasion like cake. Ring in the new year with something sweet and showstopping like our seasonal, chocolate Peppermint Bark Cake or say “happy birthday!” 2024 with a classic rainbow sprinkle studded Birthday Cake.


Get together with New Year’s Eve cookies.

Not every party is a “get the plates out” kind of occasion, so if you are looking to keep it more casual, and let guests graze as they go, cookies are a great option. They even look cute on a cheeseboard! While Confetti feels like a party, Compost brings a bit of coffee, which may be key for staying up til midnight.


Toast the New Year with truffles.

A champagne toast is so last year. Raise a truffle to the year ahead and bring in 2024 with a bite of moist, flavorful cake coated in flavorful sand. B’Day Truffles always feel like a party, and Cocoa Mint Chip Truffle are a seasonal favorite, so you really can’t go wrong.


Whether you’re wondering what to bring to a holiday party or planning to host your own, no New Year’s Eve Celebration is complete without a sweet treat. End the year on a high note with your favorite people and your favorite desserts. Cake, pie, cookies, truffles - the gang is all here to end the year with a bang.

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