As Instagram-fueled dessert crazes continue to invade our feeds (and mouths) with highly photogenic — and sometimes over-the-top — creations, we’re taking a look back in honor of National Dessert Day (October 14) at the game-changers (and the knock-offs they inspired) that forever changed the way we think about sweets.

Cereal milk soft serve from Milk Bar
Chef Christina Tosi took the humble soft serve to the next level with one of her most famous innovations, cereal milk soft serve (ice cream that tastes like the best part of your morning cereal). Imitations and more creative, elevated takes on the nostalgic treat added to the trend, including gourmet dairy dips at Mister Dips in Brooklyn and signature creations with creative toppings like the Salty Pimp and Bea Arthur at NYC favorite Big Gay Ice Cream Shop.