How do you  s’more?

How do you

The S’mores on S’mores Kit

This one’s not like the other s’mores. Our gooeyest treat yet is packed with everything from brownies (yes, brownies), to pretzels (!!). We stuffed every order with a BIG chocolate bar and a bag of marshmallows for creating the stickiest, fudgiest, most mind-blowing s’more, your way. Grab your S’mores on S’mores Kit, get gooey, and make something awesome with the people you <3.


S’more it whole in the oven

Eric put his Cookie Cake in a pan, turned his chocolate bar into chunks, and added marshmallow on top to get that nice, light brown toast on his s’more on s’more. Brb drooling.

S’more in the great outdoors

Got a blowtorch and a way to Utah? S’more like Michael and his son, Wim, in the great outdoors. Pro tip: the sun is a great blowtorch alternative.

Slice n’ toast

Graham crackers? Forget about ‘em! Henry sliced a couple of pieces off his Cookie Cake and toasted one slice with marshmallows and one slice with chocolate. Then made a s’mores on s’mores sandwich. Epic.

Drizzle it up

Robbie’s s’more on s’more was...stunning to say the least. Robbie got his chocolate super melty and drizzled it all over dollops of gooey marshmallows before slicing.

Char it

Hisham taught his son, Ima, a few things about making a s’more on s’more—one being how to get those marshmallows nice and charred before gobbling!

S’more without rules

Who said you needed to break up that chocolate bar before gettin’ gooey? Who said marshmallows needed to be the last step? Who said you couldn’t add smashed M&M's for some color? Chuck played by his own rules and made a totally epic, one-of-a-kind s’more on s’more.


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