A note from Christina Tosi

Milk Bar is in no way affiliated with the Trump fundraiser.  Stephen Ross is one of many investors in our company, all of whom come from different perspectives.  Regardless of investors, our strategy, mission, and company decisions are all made independently by the Milk Bar team and me.  Any profits we make go back into supporting the expansion of Milk Bar as well as to a variety of local charitable causes in our communities. 

At Milk Bar we believe unequivocally in equal rights for all. We are anti-discrimination, we welcome and celebrate people from all races, sexualities, identities, nationalities, citizenship statuses, religion and beliefs. 

I do not personally support the policies of the current administration.  However, I also don’t mandate what people who work at my company believe politically.  We support people having their own opinion. We support our teammates having their own opinion.  At our company we employ Democrats, Republicans, and many doctrines in between.  

Here at Milk Bar, we strive to be a welcoming place that serves delicious baked goods.  Feel free to keep sharing your thoughts, we read every one. Thank you, today and every day, for being a part of Milk Bar.