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Milk Bar classes focus on the techniques that make our baked treats so uniquely delicious.

In our cake classes we’ll show you all the steps for assembling our most popular layer cake flavor combinations (an irresistible balance of cake, spread, frosting, crumbs, and crunch!), and how we transform our cake scraps and turn them into bite sized cake truffles! Or join us in making our signature item, crack pie®, from start to finish with a bonus lesson on turning cake scraps into truffles while your pie is in the oven!

At the end of class all participants take home everything they make, plus recipes and other bonus info! All ages and all levels of expertise welcome.

Classes are offered in our Logan Circle, DC Flagship and Los Angeles flagship locations as well as our Brooklyn HQ

See below for class types available and descriptions.


Classes are available at these locations:


1525 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005

7150 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046


it’s our most popular cake for a reason- rainbow sprinkles + cake makes it a party! join us in class as we show you the secrets to how we build our b’day cakes layer by layer to perfect the naked cake look milk bar is known for! then we’ll show you how we take the cake scraps and transform them into our b’day cake truffles! by the end of class, you’ll have assembled your own 6” b’day cake and walk away with your own stash of b’day cake truffles, too!

chocoholics unite! it’s time for chocolate malt cake class! learn all about the chocolate cake, malted fudge, malted milk crumbs, charred marshmallow, and malted chocolate frosting that make up our chocolate malt cake masterpiece! you’ll get an inside peek at the secrets and tips to this treat as you build your very own 6” cake! we’ll even show you how to throw a truffle party as we transform the cake scraps and teach you how to make chocolate malt cake truffles!

we know crack pie® is one of your favorites, and it tastes even better when you make it yourself! we’ll break down each step, from molding the oat cookie crust to mixing the gooey buttery filling. you’ll get to take home your very own crack pie®, too! we’ll show you the secrets to our popular b’day cake truffles while the pies are baking!

milk id: cakes is the newest exclusive collaboration from the milk bar team and…you!! we’ve had a blast dreaming up cakes that surprise and delight since we opened milk bar in 2008 but we’re ready to see what you can create!

in this class, we invite you to take over our wild world of crumbs, frostings, curds, cheesecake, fillings and other killer cake components and design your very own custom cake layer-by-layer! what does your dream cake taste like? we can’t wait to find out!

nothing says comfort quite like apple pie, which is why we dreamed up a way to transform the flavors of the classic treat into a layer cake! learn all about the brown butter and cinnamon spiced cake, apple compote and pie dough frosting in our apple pie cake class! we’ll even teach you how to transform cake scraps into apple pie cake truffles! and of course, you take home everything you make, which means you’re going home with your own 6” cake and plenty of cake truffles!

learn the secrets to how we make fan favorite chocolate chip cake: layered with passion fruit curd and chocolate crumbs, then topped off with a rich coffee frosting! first we’ll teach you the how’s and why’s of cake assembly, then we’ll show you how to make our delicious chocolate chip cake truffles with leftover cake scraps.

It's the ultimate combination of salty + sweet! Learn how to make our buttery popcorn cake layered with salty caramel, popcorn crumbs and popcorn pudding + corn fudge on top. Served with pickled strawberry jam and caramel corn!

we’re all about that salty – sweet combo in our desserts- so we’re dedicating an entire class to one of our most beloved cakes! learn how layers of pretzel cake, chocolate stout ganache, pretzel crumbs and burnt honey frosting team up to become our pretzel cake! while we’re at it, we’ll also show you how to make our pretzel cake truffles, too! by the end of class, you’ll have your own 6″ cake & cake truffles to take home!

we’re crazy about strawberries, which is why we’ve got a cake all about this fan favorite! learn how layers of cake, tart lemon soak, liquid lemon cheesecake & pickled strawberry frosting come together as you construct your own 6” cake! you’ll also learn how to take the cake scraps and give them new life as strawberry lemon truffles!


Make your special event extraordinary! Milk Bar’s private classes are a one of a kind group activity. Whether you’re hosting a child’s birthday party, a bachelorette, an office team-building or anything in between, our team will work with you to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We offer events in our Brooklyn, Washington DC and Los Angeles classrooms. All classes are led by our amazing Milk Bar culinary team!

The Milk Bar Classroom Experience:
We’ll teach you all the inside tricks and techniques that make our treats so uniquely delicious. In our cake and truffle classes we’ll show you all the steps for assembling our popular layer cakes (an irresistible creation of cake, spread, frosting, crumbs, and crunch). Plus, we’ll show you how we transform our cake scraps into delectable bite sized truffles! More of a pie person? In our Crack Pie® class you’ll learn how to create this ooey-gooey dessert fave from scratch!
The best part is you can nibble as you go, and you take home what you make!

Private Classes
Available 7 days a week and are 2-3 hours in length and are hosted by 2-3 dedicated teachers. We ask for bookings 2 weeks in advance, but we try to accommodate last minute requests if possible. Choose from our list of private class menu options to tailor to your group. Private classes start at $1,250 for DC and LA, and $1500 in Brooklyn.

Event Space Rental
Each of our Milk Bar flagship classroom spaces is gorgeous and distinct - a unique setting for a meeting or any type of special event. Rent the space by the hour, and we’ll help you customize for your event’s needs.

Locations & Capacity
Williamsburg, Brooklyn - 55 Hope Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Private Classes - up to 50 Event Space - up to 75

Logan Circle - Washington, DC - 1525 15th Street, Washington, DC 20005
Private Classes - up to 30 Event Space - up to 40

Melrose Ave, Los Angeles Classroom - 7150 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046
Private Classes - up to 26 Event Space - up to 47

To Book an Event - email locations specifically or call 855.333.milk. Questions? Check out our FAQ

Surprise the die-hard milk bar fan in your life with a class gift certificate! Certificates can be shipped directly to the recipient here or be ordered for in-store pick up here. Please note that Baking Class Gift Certificates are not available for walk-in purchases at our stores and must be ordered ahead.

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Vanilla rainbow cake, rainbow cake crumbs, sprinkles, vanilla frosting.

buttery popcorn cake layered with salty caramel, popcorn crumbs and popcorn pudding + corn fudge on top

buttery popcorn cake layered with salty caramel, popcorn crumbs and popcorn pudding + corn fudge on top

Vanilla rainbow cake, rainbow cake crumbs, sprinkles, vanilla frosting.

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