3.141592~ cheers for pi(e)! Celebrate our favorite number with Milk Bar Pie.

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Milk Bar Crack Pie
Milk Bar® Pie
3215 Reviews

Our signature, gooey Milk Bar Pie has a sticky, buttery,...

Bundle & save $11
The Newbie
312 Reviews

Introduce someone awesome to the Milk Bar universe

Milk Bar Pie, Assorted Cookie Tin and Birthday Truffle Dozen Box
Bundle & save $10
The Sweet Spot
326 Reviews

Not too big, but definitely not too small — you’ll always hit The Sweet Spot...

Not too big, but definitely not too small — you’ll...

A whole Milk Bar Pie beside 2 Assorted Cookie Tins
Bundle & save $4
The Cheerleader
367 Reviews

When life happens, here’s your first stop.

Bundle & save $12
The Ultimate Birthday
339 Reviews

A combo of the classics, sized for small, but mighty...

Treats that ship? Yep! Here's how it works.

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We ship nationwide and deliver 7 days a week, Monday-Sunday.

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Pro tip: dessert tastes way better than a text message! If you’re looking for a way to let fam and friends know you’re thinking of them, trust us — a sweet treat delivery does the trick 100% of the time.

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We’ve got treats for everyone in your life, from cakes and cookies to pies, truffles, and more. Whether you’re sending a snack pack of truffles to munch on solo or a full-on celebration spread to feed a crowd, Milk Bar has your gifting needs covered.

What Makes Milk Bar magic?

We think there are no rules when it comes to dessert, and that applies to everything from our ingredients (e.g. potato chips in a cookie) to when to have a piece of pie (e.g. whenever). We’re inspired by classic American desserts and supermarket snacks, but our techniques are born of the NYC restaurant scene. Milk Bar flavors are ones you might recognize... but you’ve never had them quite like this.

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We pack our treats with care and ship them nationwide — surprise a friend or family member wherever they are with sweet treats in the mail.
Worried about your treats arriving in perfect condition? We’ve got it covered with specially designed, insulated packaging (complete with ice packs). We ship overnight to lessen their time in transit, and once your treats arrive, they’ll stay fresh and perfect for up to 24 hours upon arrival — no need to wait by the door. Once your treats are delivered, just stick them in the fridge… or dive right in.
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Dessert Gifts for Pi(e) Day

Get ready to celebrate Pi(e) Day with Milk Bar's delectable dessert gifts that are perfect for all the math lovers, teachers, and sweet enthusiasts in your life. Pi Day is not just about math; it's about indulging in the irrational number of delicious treats we have to offer. We've got a plethora of Pi Day gifts, including ... Read more pies that are as easy as Pi(e) to share, and so much more. Whether you're a math teacher, a math nerd, or a student looking for the perfect gift, Milk Bar has you covered.

Our signature Milk Bar Pie will have you pondering its deliciousness while you marvel at its perfect pi plate. The pi symbol may be infinite, but the happiness you'll experience when you try a slice of our pie is equally boundless. For those who love circles and mathematical constants, our Pie-inspired gifts will certainly inspire Pi Day activities that are both fun and satisfying.

We've curated pie-centric dessert gifts for your next Pi Day celebration. You can try a variety of our delicious desserts, including our signature Milk Bar Pies, assorted cookies, and cake truffles. Milk Bar's dessert gifts are the perfect way to honor the mathematical greatness of this day.

So, whether you're looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, surprise a math teacher, or impress your fellow mathematicians, Milk Bar has the perfect gift for your Pi(e) Day celebration. Order now and make Pi Day an unforgettable and delicious mathematical adventure.

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