Hilly's Creamsicle Ice Cream Cake

Hilly's Creamsicle Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream on a hot summer day is a beautiful thing -- but standing in line for the ice cream truck is not. Bring the ice cream truck to you with this Creamsicle inspired ice cream cake that comes together in a snap. Creamy, dreamy no-churn vanilla ice cream with swirls and bursts of tangy orange flavor stacked up with Ritz crackers and topped with another ice cream truck favorite, an orange magic shell. Don't even think about turning on your oven.

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Hilly's Creamsicle Ice Cream Cake

Creamsicle Ice Cream Cake


Line your chosen vessel with plastic wrap or parchment to ensure easy removal.


Pour cold heavy cream into your largest bowl or the bowl of your stand mixer. If whipping by hand, roll up your sleeves and whisk the cream vigorously for 4 - 5 minutes, until it’s stiff, fluffy, and holds its shape. If using a stand mixer, whip on medium high until the same stage is reached, about 2 - 3 minutes.


Pour one fourth of the can of sweetened condensed over your freshly whipped cream, then, using a rubber spatula, gently fold in the milk until few streaks remain. Then add a further one fourth of the can, 1 tsp vanilla extract, and salt, folding until incorporated. We want to preserve as much of the air in the whipped cream as possible!


Into the now half full can of condensed milk, add 3 tbsp of your powdered drink mix. Stir within the can until the mix has been fully absorbed into the condensed milk and is bright orange.


Pour remaining condensed mix mixture over whipped cream and fold in until only HALF incorporated (we want to leave some orange streaks in the mix for that creamsicle vibe.)

Choose your own adventure:

  • Cherry Vanilla: Swap the Tang for cherry drink mix and crush up some sugar cones instead of the Ritz - serve with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

  • Mint Chocolate Chip: Sub mint extract + green food color for the drink mix and fold in some melted and cooled chocolate or chocolate chips while assembling, stack up with your favorite chocolate cookies and some Andes mints, cover with classic magic shell.

  • Blue Razz: Sub blue raspberry drink mix and use fruity cereal crunch from the first Milk Bar cookbook in between the layers.

  • Arnold Palmer: half and half powdered iced tea and lemonade, stack up with grahams.


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