Top Ideas for Birthday Gifts

by Shannon Salzano

Published October 03 2023

Top Ideas for Birthday Gifts

From spoiling your best friend to surprising your mail carrier with an unexpected birthday gift delivery, we live for a good birthday celebration - after all, everyone has a birthday right? Gift cards, handmade cards, birthday cakes - these are a few of our favorite things. Shouting out someone on their birthday helps make your loved ones feel special and supported, and brings a little more joy into the lives of those who get to help celebrate. No birthday celebration is complete without a birthday gift but picking out the perfect item can be a little tricky, so here are a few of our favorite ways to treat the birthday girl or boy person in style. 


Unique Ideas for Birthday Gifts

When picking out a birthday present gift, you want to find something unique, we all have enough scented candles by now. While a bottle of wine or a piece of jewelry can be nice, try to think of a gift that feels different and unexpected, especially if you’re looking for milestone birthday ideas. Unique and creative birthday gifts can range from a dozen flavor-filled birthday cake truffles to a piece of artwork from a local artist - and they show the birthday person that you cared enough to find something special just for them. 


Birthday Cake

You’ve never tried a birthday cake like this. Our bestselling Birthday Cake, inspired by the boxed vanilla funfetti cake we loved as a kid, has grown up and gone gourmet. It has three tiers of heavenly rainbow-flecked vanilla birthday cake, layers of creamy frosting & crunchy crumbs, all topped with rainbow sprinkles.

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Personalized Birthday Gifts

If you are having a hard time finding the perfect gift that feels good enough just right for the birthday boy or birthday girl in your life, consider giving them something personalized with their name. A custom stack of stationary is a thoughtful gift idea for those who like to make lists or send letters. A tote bag or sweater embroidered with the person’s name or initials is nice for a fashionista. Or keep it classic and write happy birthday with their name on top of a rainbow sprinkle birthday cake delivered to their home - make sure you snag a picture of them blowing out the candles too! Savor any extras by storing them properly - if you’re wondering how long do birthday cakes last in the fridge, we have you covered!  


B'Day Truffle Dozen Box

We rolled all the childhood flavor of our signature cake into a single bite — no utensils needed. Made from Birthday Cake, these rainbow-flecked, vanilla-happy goodies are coated in a barely-there white chocolate shell and rolled in B'Day sand. 

Includes one gift box of 12 B'Day Truffles.

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Birthday Gifts for Her

Celebrating the special lady in your life? If you’re saying “happy birthday” to the moms, sisters, coworkers and besties with a killer birthday gift, you’ve got some options. Think about how she likes to spend her time and get her something that she can put to good use. If she’s a reader, a gift card to a bookstore or a new release from her favorite author is nice. If she’s a theater nerd, tickets to a show will go over well. Maybe she likes to hike or hit the gym and could use a new set of headphones to keep her entertained. If she’s the type that likes to show up with something sweet, a dessert sampler like The Milk Bar Sampler might just be in order to celebrate her special day.  


Birthday Gifts for Him

For the man who has enough ties, try to think of something experiential. The birthday boy might like a gift card to his favorite restaurant or fitness center. If you’re shopping for a man who likes comedy or the cinema, a membership to his favorite theater could be put to good use. Tickets to a sporting event or music festival can be a great way to acknowledge his hobbies and personal interests. If likes to use his hands, a baking class or cookbook can help him master a new skill. 


The Milk Bar Sampler

Have a little bit of everything! This sampler pack of classic Milk Bar treats gives you a taste of the greats, from a 3-pack each of our dreamy rainbow-vanilla B'Day Cake Truffles and Chocolate B'Day Cake Truffles and one of each cookie to a single slice of ooey-gooey Milk Bar Pie — all packaged in a slick windowed tin.

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Birthday Gifts for Coworkers

While you spend 40 hours a week with your teammates, buying a birthday present gift for a coworker can be a tricky task. Having your team sign a birthday card can go a long way in showing you care for your co-worker, as would a gift card to their favorite lunch spot. Taking your teammate out for a special birthday meal, or having their favorite birthday cake for everyone to share helps make a workday birthday feel more festive. And if you’re gifting for a whole team, make sure you check out our super easy corporate gifting program. 


Affordable Options for Birthday Gifts

From new acquaintances to teachers and service workers, there are a lot of folks in your life you may want to give a birthday gift to, but don’t want to break the bank on. Affordable, yet nice birthday gifts can make the people in your life feel special and cared for based on your thoughts, not how much money you spent. A pack of flavor-packed Cake Truffles, a gift card to the local coffee shop and a nice card, or a pair of new gloves for the winter are low cost ways to spoil those you see often but aren’t that close with. Just remember: it’s the thought that counts most! 

Showing up for the people in your life on their birthday with a thoughtful gift is a nice way to show you care and that you spent a moment to treat them. While life can be hectic and schedules and budgets can be tight, a tin of cookies or a slice of birthday cake can make a birthday feel special, and put a smile on someone’s face as they turn a year older. From the guys and girls in your life, to the coworkers and new friends, giving the perfect gift is one of life’s greatest pleasures!

About the author

Shannon Salzano is a New York Times best selling author and hospitality industry veteran. A graduate of Northern Illinois University's Literature and Communications program, Shannon spent half a decade in editorial publishing before making the pivot to hospitality. She served as the Creative Director to Chicago's lauded Girl & the Goat restaurant empire for five years where she oversaw the design and launch of several brick and mortar concepts, a line of home chef sauces and spices, and multiple cookbooks. In her Director of Special Projects role at Christina Tosi's Milk Bar, Shannon has executed partnerships with household names like Google, Verizon, Converse, Cheetos and Pillsbury, and oversees brand voice.