Easy Gifts Every Mom Will Love

Published December 08 2023

Easy Gifts Every Mom Will Love


Moms make the world go round, and one day each we commit to celebrate the woman who gave us life. Where would be with out mom’s guidance and support? Show mom how much you appreciate her with a delivery of her favorite - or soon to be - desserts, from New York’s iconic bakery. She’ll feel like the luckiest and most happy mother on the planet. Here are some of our favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas to show the special lady some love.

B'Day Truffle Dozen Box

We rolled all the childhood flavor of our signature cake into a single bite — no utensils needed. Made from Birthday Cake, these rainbow-flecked, vanilla-happy goodies are coated in a barely-there white chocolate shell and rolled in B'Day sand. 

Includes one gift box of 12 B'Day Truffles.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Mother’s Day Gift

Mom deserves the moon and the stars for all that she does for you, so be thoughtful when choosing a gift for her this Mother’s Day. You will want to consider her dietary preferences: is she gluten free? Does she like chocolate? What’s her favorite cookie? You may also want to think about how she will enjoy the gift: does she like to have friends and family over? Is she more of a solo celebrator? These are all factors that can go into picking the perfect gift for your happy mother.

Unique and Affordable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Now that you know more about the type of gift you want to give your mother, here are a few of our favorite gifting ideas for the special lady.

Homemade Mother’s Day card.

Since the days of macaroni and glue in grade school, mom has always loved your original artwork and countless other DIY Mother’s Day gifts. Keep the tradition alive with a DIY gift idea by crafting her a card that says how much you care about her with a sweet note - extra points if you break out the glitter for your Mother’s Day crafts.

Photo album.

Mom’s been keeping family photo since the day you were born, why not give her a way to showcase them with a curated photo album. Include pictures from your time growing up with her as well as some new ones you can get printed online to commemorate your relationship now.

Go green.

Mom’s love to nurture and protect, so give her something new to take care of with a plant. Whether it’s a delicate orchid or a bustling fern, something green will give mom a project to enjoy.

Quality time.

If you’ve ever asked mom what she wants for Mother’s Day we bet she said something like “just time together!” Give the woman what she wants by taking her out to a nice dinner or brunch or perhaps a movie or play. Time spent with her favorite child will be one of the best gifts she will treasure for years to come.

Something sweet.

Chances are you got your sweet tooth from your mama, so treat her to something you know she’ll love. Our Strawberry Shortcake Cake is a real mom pleaser, and getting it delivered straight to her doorstep is a Mother’s Day pro move. Make sure you know how long cake lasts in the fridge should you have any leftovers to enjoy after the celebration. If she likes to share with her friends, a dozen Cake Truffles may be just the ticket. And if she is the type who likes to call the shots, a Milk Bar gift card is just the ticket to a perfect gift.


Whether you’re celebrating this Mother’s Day together in person or sending her a great gift from afar, make sure you take the time to show mom how much you care. A homemade Mother’s Day card, a special meal, or a delivery of her favorite Milk Bar Mother’s Day desserts will put a smile on her face and show your appreciation for this special lady and make her feel like the best mother on this special day.

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