Tie Dye

Published July 04 2020

Tie Dye
Food coloring

2 cups vinegar

Grab old or new clothing, sheets, fanny packs, etc that is white or a light color.

Using rubber bands or zip ties pinch and twist portions or fold like an accordion then secure each piece tightly with one or more zip tie or rubber band.

Fill a giant bucket or bowl with water, and add 2 cups white vinegar if you have it (it helps set the food coloring on your items best!) Dunk in items in mixture until fully soaked- 1-2 minutes.

Using gloves if you have them, mix ½ cup of water with 16 drops of food coloring of your choice. Fill squeeze bottles or large bowls with colored liquid.

Squeeze die or dip/dunk portions some or all of your tied pieces until they absorb the desired color.

Still all twisted up, leave items out in the grass in the sun, or wrap in plastic/ziplock bags overnight. 

Using gloves again, remove rubber bands or zip ties from your masterpieces and reveal your epic tie dye looks. Wash in VERY cold water before sporting your new tie dye vibes.