Bake Club Sugar Sprinkles

Published June 03 2022

Bake Club Sugar Sprinkles

Makes: however much you want!





Pinch salt

Start with ½ cup of sugar in a cereal bowl. Add ⅛ tsp of extract, citrus zest, 4 drops color and/or 1 tsp spice/powder. Mix around until well distributed with a spoon. Give a taste/look. Want more flavor? More color? A tiny pinch of salt? Add what’s needed and mix some more. Taste. Adjust as needed, if needed.

*If you overshoot, thin out flavor or color with more plain sugar.

*If your mixture ever gets too wet, spread it out on an ungreased baking tray and allow to dry out overnight.

Store in an airtight container, in a jar, in a ziploc baggie, or use immediately to rim your next fancy drink cup, in coffee, to macerate berries, or in your next baking project.

Some of my Favorite Combos:


½ cup granulated sugar

5 drops yellow color

½ teaspoon vanilla extract

¼ teaspoon lemon extract (or 2 lemons, zested)


½ cup sugar in the raw

½ teaspoon vanilla extract

⅛ teaspoon almond extract

+this is also awesome with ½ teaspoon of cinnamon or fenugreek

Butter Mint

½ cup sugar in the raw

6 drops green color

¼ teaspoon mint extract

¼ teaspoon butter extract

Tiny pinch salt

Malted Chocolate

½ cup sugar in the raw

2 Tablespoons cocoa powder

½ teaspoon malted milk powder

2 teaspoons water

Tiny pinch salt

+pinch instant coffee or espresso for a kick!


½ cup granulated sugar

1 ½ teaspoons coriander

1 orange, zested

4 drops red color

6 drops yellow color