Bake Club S'mores

Published July 05 2021

Bake Club S'mores

Bake Club S’mores on S’mores

  1. Something gooey (when in doubt, turn to the classic marshmallow, it’s grounding, I promise)

  1. Something that will melt with the heat of your gooey element (doesn’t have to be chocolate, but could be as crazy as a Candybar)

  1. A base (cookie, cracker, salty, sweet). Something that will make sense with the above two items and will act as the vehicle to get the above two items into your mouth!

  1. Something to administer heat: grill, bonfire, gas fireplace, oven broiler, smoker, microwave, hot car on a summer day.

I don’t know about you, but everyone I know S’mores’ differently- the options are endless, and incredibly individualistic. I think S’mores are one of the most brilliant forms of self expression, and I for one want to see MORE of it!

It’s less about following the steps of a recipe and more about doing you. The most general direction:

Heat the something gooey.

Then layer it with the something melty.

Put it on a base.

Smile. Eat. Smile. Repeat.