Bake Club Magic Shell

Published May 31 2021

Bake Club Magic Shell

Makes enough to jazz up 4-6 ice cream bowls/cones

1 cup chocolate chips (think beyond this too- butterscotch chips, white chocolate cut into pieces, candy bars, combos of more than one- you get it!)

3 tablespoons crisco or oil OR 3 tablespoons nut butter + 1 tablespoon oil

1-2 teaspoons flavor boosts: extracts, syrups, spices, optional

pinch salt, optional

In a small bowl, melt chocolate and fat(s) together- I like to do this in 30 second bursts in the microwave stirring between each blast (a double boiler works, too.)

Optional: Stir in extract and salt until smooth. Taste and adjust where needed: add more chips to make thicker and richer, oil to make thinner, flavor boosts and salt to sharpen depth and personality.

Ladle, spoon or squeeze bottle over ice cream. Store in a jar or airtight container in the pantry or fridge, warming slightly before use.

Pro tip: bundle this babe as a gift with pints of MILK BAR ICE CREAM (yes- it’s now a real thing at your local grocery stores)!!!