Bake Club Ice Cream Sammy

Published August 03 2021

Bake Club Ice Cream Sammy

‘Tis the season. I mean you never really know when the mood for an IC Sammy will strike. Plus it’s the perfect concoction for a Bday Do Over on the fly- run around town gathering your ingredients- no kitchen needed. BIG imaginations welcome.

Something Bready

Sammy is in the name for good reason. Grab a cookie or two, a burger bun, slice a muffin in half. You get the gist. 

While in brainstorm mode, start to consider textures. If you want to do a top/bottom Sammy, make sure you’re grabbing lighter items here. A dense and fudgy cookie is great, but it might want to be an open face Sammy, meaning you only need one of them, rather than a two-cookie top/bottom Sammy.

Something Creamy

A filling is Sammy imperative. And ice cream is screaming to be the star, but expand your consideration of ice cream. Scoop your favorite pint yes, no ones mad at cool whip with fun stuff folded in, make some No Churn Ice Cream at home (Bake Club rerun!) or consider soft serve when out in the wild!

Your ice cream choice and Sammy top/bottom choice do matter. If choosing a softer ice cream, you’ll either want your top/bottom bready choice to also be soft or you’ll want a denser item as the bottom for an open face. Hard pack ice cream is perfect for a top/bottom Sammy since it’s so firm and sturdy on it’s own, it wont mush out the sides.

Something Fun

No limit to one. Bring as many fun things to jazz up your flavor story, texture, etc as you like. Jams/Jellies, PB, Potato chips. The usual pantry grabs are more than welcome. And pull out some new guests hiding in the back, too, you never know. Fold cereal into your creamy items, dunk the Sammy in some melted chocolate before rolling in crushed nuts.