Bake Club Frankies

Published October 25 2021

Bake Club Frankies

Makes 3 cups worth

½ cup sugar 

½ cup water

2 cups flavor center of your Frankies- nuts, cereal, etc

¼-½ teaspoon salt (unless using salted nuts)

6 ounces chocolate

OR 1 cup chocolate chips + 1 teaspoon oil

½-1 teaspoon flavor boost/ outer decor of your Frankies- spices, ground coffee, freeze dried something, etc.

Put the sugar and water in a medium saucepan and heat on medium-low heat, swirling (not stirring) the two around to ensure an even mixture. 

Continue monitoring the sugar/water mixture until it hits soft ball stage, about 235F. (Watch the video- it’s easier to nail than you think.) Remove it from the heat and very carefully pour nuts/cereal/etc into it stirring with a silicone spatula to coat evenly. Put pan back on the same medium-low heat and standing and stirring gently, toss the nuts/cereal/etc around in the sugar mixture until it crystallizes and then starts to melt and caramelize into a golden brown candy coating, 3-5 minutes.

Remove from heat and pour candy coated centers onto a clean, dry baking tray and sprinkle with salt, where needed.

Melt chocolate (with oil, where needed) in 20 second bursts in the microwave until smooth and fluid.

Transfer your seasoned candied Frankie centers to a large, clean, dry bowl and pour melted chocolate in, tossing with a clean silicone spatula to coat evenly until the chocolate sets (I like to give the bowl spurts of cold from the fridge from time to time), about 3 minutes.

(If you want an outer flavor boost, stir that in just as the chocolate starts to set).

Serve up your Frankies, portion them out in baggies for Trick-or-treaters or store in the fridge or at room temp for an epic future snack attack.