Bake Club Cheese Fondue

Published March 15 2021

Bake Club Cheese Fondue

Makes about 3 cups, serves 4

1 Tablespoon + 1 teaspoon cornstarch

1 teaspoon lemon juice

1 cup white wine

1 ½ lbs cheese (I like gruyere/Swiss but any combo will do!), cubed or shredded

1 ½ teaspoons liqueur or beer, to give an edge, if you’re into it!

Black pepper, to season very lightly

Nutmeg, to season very lightly

Crusty Bread, Veggies (raw or roasted), bite-size pieces of meat— you’re the boss.

In a heavy bottom, medium size pot, whisk lemon juice and a splash of white wine into cornstarch to dissolve. Whisk in remaining white wine.

On medium heat, bring cornstarch mixture to a boil, whisking to evenly distribute heat. Lower heat to a simmer and slowly add in a handful of cheese, whisking to melt gently. Still on low heat, when your first round of cheese has melted, add another handful, whisking to melt gently. Continue this process on low heat, adding cheese by the handful gently bringing your fondue together. Too much heat will burn and/or break your mixture. Be patient! When all the cheese has melted, season your fondue with liqueur, beer, pepper and/or nutmeg. 

Serve on very, very low heat in the same pot or a fondue pot pre-heated.

Fork your accountremonts, dunk them into your cheese masterpiece, twisting and turning the cheese mixture over the pot with each dunk to ensure any cheese left behind goes back into the pot of glory.