Bake Club Caramel Apple Pie Apples

Published October 18 2021

Bake Club Caramel Apple Pie Apples

Makes 6 

Bake Club Pie Crumb 

6 ea apples

6 ea wooden sticks or skewers

Bake Club Caramel Sauce 

Make Bake Club Pie Crumbs and cool completely then transfer to a medium bowl.

Rinse and dry the apples (you want to wash away the waxy coating that will prevent the caramel from sticking). Pull out the apple’s stem and replace it with a stick. Call the apples in the fridge or freezer (the caramel will stick much more easily!)

Make Bake Club Caramel. When caramel has cooled slightly, dip one apple in the caramel, letting any excess drip off then place on a greased baking sheet to set for 3 minutes before rolling the bottom quarter in the bowl of pie crumbs.

Stand the crumb bottomed apple on an ungreased baking sheet or plate to finish setting for about 30 minutes. Serve or wrap in a cello bag if you’re in the gifting mood!