Bake Club Bark

Published May 28 2020

Bake Club Bark


1 bag chocolate chips/ white chocolate chips/ butterscotch chips or any combo 

Up to 2 cups total of nuts, fun stuff or more grown up stuff (I”m talking roasted almonds, sprinkles, pretzels, sunflower seeds, cereal, etc) ** pre-roast and cool any nuts!

½ teaspoon salt if your fun stuff is not already salted


1 cup (½ bag) white chocolate chips

¾ cup tablespoons Peanut Butter (Nutella, etc)

Up to 1 cup nuts/fun stuff

¼ teaspoon salt if your fun stuff is not already salted

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. 

In a medium bowl, gently melt the chocolate in the microwave stirring as it cools down. Feel free to melt several different items in separate bowls if you want to swirl or layer your bark.

Stir all or some of the 2 cups total stuff into the chocolate, salt as needed, and spread onto the prepared baking sheet in a 1/2-inch-thick layer. 

You can go one of two directions: make sure all of the stuff is folded in and spread to ensure all is completely covered in chocolate OR stir in some, spread across parchment and sprinkle remaining on top.
Refrigerate the bark for about 10 minutes, until hardened. Remove the parchment paper and break into 25 pieces and store or snack.

Store the bark in an airtight bag or container at room temperature for up to 10 days.