Bake Club 7 Layer Cups

Published May 17 2021

Makes as many as you please

7 things that go together

1-2 things bulky and substantial for the bottom (Bean dip, mashed potatoes, pulled pork, chicken salad, hard boiled eggs, sliced, etc)

1-2 dairy items one smooth/creamy (sour cream, cream cheese, yogurt, pimento cheese), one shredded/grated cheese 

1-3 fresh veggies prepped (tomatoes, onions, scallions, shredded lettuce, guacamole, shredded carrots, cole slaw)

1-2 meat items, hot or cold (if that’s your thing) (pepperoni, sliced turkey, chicken cutlets diced)

1-2 condiments (mayonnaise, hummus, taco sauce, relish, kimchi, mustard, ranch, capers, olives, pepperoncini)

1-2 crunchy textures (chips, frizzled onions, bacon bits, pretzels, toasted bread/croutons, tortilla strips)

Choose a theme and stick to it. I’m a fan if using leftovers as a starting off point— plus, no one wants to prep 7 layers from scratch!

Individualize it— this is an epic move for entertaining yourself and/or others this time of year! I’m a fan of 9 oz small clear cups- glass or heavy plastic. I’ve also been known to make individual taco themed 7-layer dips in mini aluminum loaf pans for Super Bowl Sunday.

Don’t be afraid to serve the whole thing warm or to play with hot layers and warm layers. Just be sure to layer heavy to light, protecting the crunchy textures from the wet textures and the hot layers from the cold layers as much as possible.

Serve with a spoon, fork, bib, tortillas, slices of bread or chips, wherever your theme and imagination direct you.