We Turned a Muffin Into a Cake

We took a classic breakfast icon, the blueberry muffin, and cake-ified it. Our limited-edition Blueberry Muffin Cake and Cake Truffles are buttery, lemon-y, and the perfect addition to Mother's Day brunch or a care package for the mom in your life.

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Mom, this one’s for you.

Mom deserves the world, and we think our Blueberry Muffin Cake is a close second :)

Here at Milk Bar, we like to take familiar treats and shake them up. And what is more classic than the iconic blueberry muffin? We baked blueberries into a buttery vanilla cake, then we layered rounds of tart lemon pudding and creamy buttermilk frosting. Of course we had to honor everyone's favorite part of the muffin—the top!—and finish the cake with speckled blueberry frosting and crunchy blueberry muffin crumbs.

So break the rules with us and show up to Mother's Day brunch with cake.

The Woman Behind Milk Bar

Christina Tosi is a James Beard award-winning, rule-breaking pastry chef (you may have seen her on Netflix or the New York Times Best Seller List) who turned her obsession for baked goods into Milk Bar, a place where dessert always comes first. Tosi and her team of pastry chefs are known for creating mind-blowing, nostalgic desserts—all inspired by the treats we loved growing up.