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This impossible-to-put-down fan favorite is filled with gooey, buttery, salty-sweet goodness in a hearty oat-cookie crust. This is the pie that put Milk Bar on the map. We dare you not to have a second slice.

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Shaking up the dessert scene since 2008.

From NYC's Award-Wining Bakery

What started as a happy accident - when Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi left a chess pie in the oven for too long - has become a staple of the Milk Bar menu since day one.

For those of you new to Milk Bar, we are a sweet (and occasionally savory) shop that’s been turning familiar treats upside down and on their heads, shaking up the dessert scene since 2008. Bon Appetit magazine called us “one of the most exciting bakeries in the country.” But you can literally just call us Milk Bar. We’re not big on feeding the hype beast. But we’re super into feeding our flavorful treats to those who crave the unexpected.

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Classic favorites with a twist

Try our award-winning and best selling treats! They’ll take your taste buds back to childhood with an extra culinary surprise.

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We make your treats fresh and flash-freeze ‘em for peak quality. They arrive carefully wrapped in insulated packaging, so you can dive right in.

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We handcraft your treats fresh to order in our kitchens, then flash-freeze ‘em for peak quality.


We carefully wrap your order in specially designed and insulated packaging, complete with ice packs, so your treats stay fresh for up to 48 hours, no matter the conditions


Before you know it, your good will be on your doorstep. Open your care package and pop your treats in the fridge… or dive right in :)