Monthly Care Package FAQs

Can I select a delivery date?

Unfortunately, you are unable to select your own delivery date at this time for a monthly care package. 

When can I expect to receive my orders? 

The first order typically ships within 1-3 days of the purchase date, and the subsequent installments will ship every 4 weeks while actively enrolled in the program.

Can I use a discount code on my monthly care package order?

Yes! If you have a discount code, you are welcome to use that on your order. Please note, any discount code used will only be applicable towards the first order and will not be applied to the subsequent monthly installments. You will be billed for the full price of product and shipping costs for each subsequent order. If you have additional discount codes, those may not be applied to subsequent installments. Discounts can only be applied to the first monthly care package order and only one discount can be used at a time. 

Can I pause or skip a month if I will not be able to receive or consume the treats myself?

Yes! You have the option to skip a month if you will not be available to receive it. Additionally, instead of skipping a month, you may also gift the order to someone else. You can manage these changes directly in your Milk Bar account by navigating to “manage subscription”, select “skip”, and then “gift”.  

How do I change my shipping address?

You can update your shipping address by accessing your Milk Bar account and navigating to “manage subscription”. Please note, if you update your shipping address, you may receive an updated shipping rate for future installments due to the new address. If you already received a confirmation email for your next installment by the time you update the address in your account, it may be too late to change the address on that upcoming order. Please contact to see if the address can still be updated. 

Can I update my billing information?

Yes! You can update your billing information any time by accessing your Milk Bar account and navigating to “manage subscription”. 

Can I change the product that I want to receive each month?

Yes! You can update the product by accessing your Milk Bar account and navigating to “manage subscription”. Please note that you will be billed for the price of the new product. 

How do I cancel my monthly care package?

You can cancel your subscription at any time via your Milk Bar account. Please note, if your next order has already been confirmed and shipped at the time of canceling your monthly care package, you will still be billed and receive that order. The cancellation will apply towards all unfulfilled future orders. 

Have more questions?

Just shoot an email to with any additional questions.