Gluten Free B'Day Truffle Dozen Box

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If you pack all of the nostalgic, funfetti flavor from Milk Bar’s Birthday Cake into a single gluten-free bite, does it make you a genius? Probably not. But it does make you quite popular amongst friends who can’t consume gluten. These vanilla-milk-infused rainbow b’day cake morsels, coated in a barely-there drizzle of white chocolate and rolled in b’day crumbs are the perfect way to say, “Happy Hump Day! Thanks for being the best sister (don’t tell our other sister)! Mazel Tov on making the marching band! Sorry about your rotator cuff!” without being so darn wordy. No utensils necessary. No gluten necessary. So dig right into these sweet, dense balls of deliciousness.

Includes one gift box of 12 Gluten-Free B’day Truffles.


sugar, gluten free/dairy free flour blend, butter, egg, grapeseed oil, buttermilk, vegetable shortening, rainbow sprinkles, light brown sugar, imitation vanilla extract, baking powder, salt, baking soda, whole milk, white confectioner’s coating, natural and artificial yellow cake flavor

contains: milk, eggs, soy

Produced in a facility that contains wheat, tree nuts and peanuts. If you have severe sensitivity to any of the above, we do not advise to consume.

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The story of Milk Bar

The Beginning

The Beginning

We’ve created standout sweets and unexpected treats since 2008, when we first opened our doors in NYC’s East Village. With lines pouring out of this tiny former laundromat, we churned out Compost Cookies®, Cake Truffles and Cereal Milk ®Soft Serve until 3am. Soon after, Anderson Cooper plugged our Milk Bar Pie on national television. Friends and family high fived each other around the country. Some of us may have had an out of body experience. And things officially got kinda crazy.

Growing up

Growing up

So 2011 was a big year for us. We moved across the river to an 11,000 sq. ft. kitchen in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with walk in refrigerators (nicknamed for celebs and characters like Christopher Walk-In, Walk-in Phoenix, Walk-in to Remember and Luke Sky Walk-In) and our small but mighty mixer (known as Mixxy Elliot). This is probably a good time to mention our penchant for word-plays and puns. Around this time, our fearless leader Tosi won her first of two James Beard Awards. Her first of three cookbooks also hit the shelves. All confirming her ability to wear many (chef) hats, along with many colorful headscarves.

We're just warming up

We're just warming up

In 2013 we opened our first international store in Toronto and started teaching classes in our kitchen to share all of the love (and all of our secret recipes). As our fan-base grew, we partnered with family-owned and female-run kitchens around the US in 2016, to help meet quality and demand. With 14 shops already cranking and our baking mix biz going strong, we opened our LA outpost and revamped our e-Commerce site (fancy schmancy word for online retail) in 2018. Which means you can surprise anyone, anywhere with a just-because Milk Bar care package, a nod to the parcels of love Tosi’s mom, Greta, likes to send to our kitchens. (Hers are loaded with Greta Squares, Gooey Butter cake and embarrassing pics of Tosi. You can put whatever you like into yours). With our 2019 Boston store in full swing, even more adventures await. So stay tuned.

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