Milk Bar Bakery | T Mag – January 6, 2010

“Christina Tosi has one of the more gratifying jobs in New York. Ms. Tosi, the 28-year-old pastry chef and guiding sweet tooth behind the Momofuku empire, watches out-the-door crowds exclaim over her creations as she forms tennis-ball-size scoops of cookie dough and works the ovens at Milk Bar, slipping downstairs to prepare desserts for Ssam Bar and Noodle Bar, as well as the ‘weird bread course, cheese course and dessert course’ for the evening’s lucky 24 diners at Ko. ‘We enjoy the challenge of baking for the restaurants,’ says Tosi, wearing her trademark vintage headband, a look that seems to have been adopted by all of the women on her staff. ‘But giving people the opportunity to enjoy a $2 cookie is a great pleasure.'” (read more)