“At this point we’d kind of expect that you’re all well aware of our position as a proponent of mixing fashion and food. We mean, if we’re being completely honest, the two are pretty much our favorite things, in no particular order. And dessert (because, well, duh) is high on our list when it comes to both binge-worthy dishes and Pinterest food porn black holes (pretty pastel macarons sound familiar?), so you can likely imagine that it was a little like travelling to our own personal Mecca when we were invited for an exclusive baking sesh with Christina Tosi. For the previously uninitiated, Tosi just so happens to be the genius mind behind Momofuku Milk Bar’s sugar high-inducing deliciousness like Confetti Cookies and Crack Pies (if you haven’t indulged before, consider this your formal invitation). Yeah, lets just say this was a spirulina-smoothie-and-gluten-full zone. Sorry, Instagram!” (read more)

(The Coveteur / May 13, 2014)