Milk Bar Bakery | Wedding Cake Tasting Package

Wedding Cake Tasting Package

Our wedding cake tasting package includes samples of each of the 8 cake flavors currently available on our menu. Our cakes are cut into 1 inch x 1 inch two-bite samples for you to enjoy. If you will be sampling with your wedding party, we recommend ordering 1 box for every 2 people in the group. Once you have had your tasting, just reach out to our team and we'd be happy to assist you in selecting the final flavor profile of your wedding cake!

Includes: Apple Pie Cake, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Chip Cake, Chocolate Malt Cake, Dulce de Leche Cake, German Chocolate Jimbo Cake *(contains nuts), Salted Pretzel Cake, and Strawberry Lemon Cake.

Not recommended as a standalone gift purchase. Package is intended for use as a taster for selecting a large format cake!

Please note that Salted Pretzel, Chocolate Chip, German Chocolate Jimbo and Dulce de Leche flavors are only available in wedding cake format.

Please note, if you are purchasing a tasting for your wedding we do require a minimum of 4-5 weeks lead time for all wedding cake orders.


My order is for:



Vanilla rainbow cake, rainbow cake crumbs, sprinkles, vanilla frosting.

Toasted oat crust, gooey butter filling.

Vanilla rainbow cake, vanilla infused milk, white chocolate, rainbow cake crumbs.