Milk Bar Bakery | 10″ Pumpkin Pie Dulce de Leche Cake

10″ Pumpkin Pie Dulce de Leche Cake

Take your pumpkin up a notch with this vanilla spiced cake fulled with roasted pumpkin ganache, layered with dulce de leche and milk crumbs and topped with toasted pepitas

10" cake serves 20-30 people.

Best when stored and served cold. Cakes will remain fresh for up to 5 days after purchase when stored in the fridge, or up to 4 weeks when stored frozen.


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vanilla spice cake, milk crumbs, roasted pumpkin ganache, dulce de leche, and roasted pepitas

Vanilla rainbow cake, rainbow cake crumbs, sprinkles, vanilla frosting.

Toasted oat crust, gooey butter filling.

Vanilla rainbow cake, vanilla infused milk, white chocolate, rainbow cake crumbs.