Milk Bar Bakery | Forbes – June 24, 2013


AGE: 31

HOMETOWN: Springfield, Virginia

RESTAURANT: Momofuku Milk Bar, New York

AWARD: 2012 James Beard Rising Star Chef of the Year

COOKING STYLE: “Soulful sweet tooth meets refined cuisine, with some quirk.”

COOKING HERO: “Nancy Silverton.”

FASHION STYLE: “My cooking style very much translates into my fashion style. I love a mix of thrift store/vintage and crisp/clean pieces from fashion houses.”

BUSINESS ROLE MODEL: “My mother. She grew up in the cornfields of Ohio and worked her way to a managing partner of a huge accounting firm.”

What she would do if she weren’t a chef: “I’d love to be a teacher or a truck driver or a translator. Or a shopkeep.”

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