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Q: Can you ship to my location?

A: We ship our products nationwide through our online store and internationally through our catering sales team.

Q: What about international shipping?
A: Milk Bar can ship to most locations Canada, the UK, France, Japan, Australia, and select countries in Central and South America. Please get in touch with our customer service team to inquire if we can ship to your location!

Q: When will my order ship? Can I schedule my order to arrive on a certain day?
A: You can select a preferred arrival date for your order at checkout, up to 30 days in advance. We recommend always scheduling your order to arrive at least 1 day early if you are planning a time-sensitive event, to account for any transit delays. We cannot guarantee arrival before 8pm to residential addresses, or 6pm to business addresses.

Q: My order didn’t arrive on time!

A: Milk Bar does everything possible to schedule your shipment for arrival on your preferred date. Once a package ships from our kitchen, we cannot be held responsible for delays in transit caused by high package volume, bad weather, mechanical error, strikes, natural disasters, terrorism safety control, inaccurate shipping information, or the drop off policy of our carriers. All orders are packaged with possible delays in transit in mind, product can safely withstand a 24 hour delay.

Q: Can I add a gift message to my order?

A: Yes. During checkout you will have the option of including a gift message with your order.

Q: Why is overnight the only option for shipping a pie, or cake, or cake tasting?

A: These items are time and temperature sensitive, so overnight shipping is the only option we offer. If there’s a pie, cake, or cake tasting in your shopping cart, we’ll overnight everything in your order so everything arrives at the same time.


Q: How do I reserve an order for in store pick up?

With three or more days notice you can place your order online or by email and phone with our catering sales team.

NYC & Washington, DC


Vegas – Please contact us with your order.

Q: How do I reserve a rush order for today or tomorrow.

A: If you need something today please come on by to one of our stores. We are always well stocked in cookies, truffles and pies, and keep a limited selection of 6″ cakes on hand at all times.

Q: I never received my confirmation e-mail. What should i do?

A: Check your junk, spam, or bulk e-mail filters and make sure that you registered with the correct email address. If you can’t find it, get in touch and we will look into the problem.

Q: When do I pay for my order?

A: Payment information is collected when your order is placed online. Your card will be charged when our team begins preparing your order for pick up or delivery.

Q: Can someone else pick up my order?

A: Yes, but they must have a printed copy of your order confirmation e-mail.

Q: When can I pick up my order?

A: Orders can be picked up any time on the date of your reservation from the opening to closing times of the store.


Q: How do I purchase a cake larger than 6”?

A: We sell 6″ cakes in our bakery that feed 8-12. If you are looking for something bigger, we have 10″, 14″ and 18″x26″ sheet cakes for order through our catering team. Please contact us!

Q: How can I place a bulk order?

A: Our catering sales team can assist with bulk orders for all of our products.

Q: Can you delivery my catering order to my event?

A: Yes! We can deliver to most locations in NYC or Washington DC within a 3-hour window. If you are outside of our courier zone, we can ship our products directly to your event.


Q: How do I order a wedding cake?

A: Wedding cakes can be purchased 1-6 months in advance of your wedding by contacting our weddings department.

Q: What is the latest I can place an order for a wedding cake?

A: We require at least one month advance notice for wedding cake orders. We suggest putting your order in 2-3 months in advance since we fill up very quickly during the busy months (may-october).

Q: What are your wedding cake sizes?

A: Small three tier cake: Serves 60
Large three tier cake: Serves 120
Four tier cake: Serves 140
Six tier cake: Serves 210
additional 10″, 14″, and 18”x26” sheet cakes are available for cutting.

Q: How can I taste your cake flavors?

A: Wedding cake tasting packages can be reserved online for <”>pick-up at any of our nyc stores with 3 or more days notice, or they can be shipped directly to any U.S. Address!

Our wedding cake tasting package includes samples of each of the 8 cake flavors currently available on our menu. Our cakes are cut into 1″x1″ two bite samples for you to enjoy. If you will be sampling with your wedding party we recommend ordering 1 box for every 2 people in the group.

Q: Can I choose a wedding cake with different flavors for each tier?

A: Yes! You can choose 1-6 flavors depending on the size of your cake. You are the artist, you decide which flavors go in which tier.

Q: Do you offer delivery for wedding cakes?

A: We’re happy to quote you for delivery within the New York tristate area or Washington DC area. Please provide us with a delivery address and we’ll send you a quote based on time/distance. If that doesn’t meet your needs there is also the option to pick up your order from our NYC or DC kitchens, or we can provide a shipping quote (which would include the cost of shipping + shipping packing materials).

Q: Do you ship your wedding cakes out of state?

A: We ship our wedding cakes across the country, via ups next day air. The cake is insulated in a foam shipping box specifically for perishable goods, and packaged with ice packs and protective foil filling. In addition to the price of the cake, there is a $250 handling fee which covers the packaging and labor involved, as well as the overnight ups shipping fee which is typically $100-$200 (exact price depends on numerous factors including distance, location, time, weight, and changing fuel costs).

Q: Will you cover my cake in frosting or fondant?

A: All of our wedding cakes are produced exactly the same way as they are for the bakery: naked, unfrosted sides which highlight all of the delicious fillings layered inside. We take pride in the unique look of our cakes and it breaks our heart when someone wants to cover them with frosting or fondant. Sorry, but we do not offer this as an option.


Q: What should I wear?

A: Please wear comfortable, casual clothing and flat, comfortable shoes. Please try to refrain from wearing open-toed shoes or sandals.

Q: What if i have food allergies?

A: Please inform us ahead of time if you have any severe food allergies. In our classes, we will be working with ingredients such as gluten, dairy, eggs, soy and nuts.

Q: What is your cancellation policy for classes?

A: Cancellations up to 48 hours in advance will be refunded in full. We are also happy to re-book you in another currently available class with openings.

Last minute cancellation policy
Cancellations within less than 48 hours of a class date will not be refunded unless a replacement is found to take your spot in the class. If you need to cancel within 48 hours’ notice, we will do our best to fill your spot by reaching out to our wait-list. If we are unable to fill your spot, you are also welcome to transfer your spot in class to a friend.

Milk bar reserves the right to cancel in the event of chef illness of inclement weather. We will contact you by email or telephone and issue a full refund or transfer your registration to another class of your choice, depending on availability.


Q: Do you sell gift cards?

A: Yes. You can purchase gift cards at any of our stores. Gift cards are not available online, and cannot be redeemed for online sales at this time.

Q: Do you have parking?

A: There’s plenty of parking on the street or in parking garages near our locations.

Q: Do you have seating? Can I reserve a table?

A: All of our locations are grab and go counter service bakeries. We do have limited seating if you would like to stay and enjoy your goodies, but no reservation is required. If you have a large group, we encourage you to visit our Carroll Gardens or Upper West Side locations in NYC or our Washington DC locations, as they have the most seating area.


Q: Where can i find the nutritional facts for your products?

A: Unfortunately, at this time we do not have calorie information or a nutritional breakdown available for our products. We’re happy to send along an ingredients list to help out if you have dietary concerns.

Q: What is the shelf life your products?

A: Cakes, cake truffles and pies should be refrigerated, and will stay fresh for about 5-7 days in the fridge. They can also be stored in the freezer upon purchase for up to several weeks, if you would like to order ahead of time for an event. Our products freeze wonderfully. Cookies will stay fresh at room temperature for about 3-5 days, in the fridge for 1 week, and in the freezer for up to 1 month.

Q: Are any of your items nut-free?

A: Items that contain nuts are marked on the menu and order page with an asterisk. All other items are nut-free, but are produced in a kitchen where nuts are present.

Q: Are any of your items vegan-friendly?

A: At this time we do not have any items that qualify as vegan.

Q: Do you have any gluten-free baked goods?

A: Yes, we have several items on our menu under the gluten free category.


Q: How do I cancel my order?

A: All orders can be cancelled up to 2 days before they are due to be picked up or shipped from our kitchen. Please contact us to request a cancellation.

Q: I would like to return an item and/or be refunded

A: Milk Bar does not accept returns, offer exchanges, and/or grant refunds on any goods sold unless the issue for return, exchange, and/or refund is the result of an error in our manufacturing, packaging, or handling of the goods. We are not responsible for delays caused by ups due to weather, mechanical error, strikes, natural disaster, terrorism safety control, inaccurate shipping information, or mistakes on the part of ups employees. Therefore, we are not able to offer refunds for those reasons. However, if you believe that ups has mishandled your package please let us know and we will gladly file a claim with ups on your behalf.

Q: Can I change the items in my order, or change the pick-up day and/or location?

A: Yes, please contact our customer service team with your order number and requested changes at least 48 hours in advance of your expected pick up or shipping date.


Q: Why are certain flavors or items missing from your Toronto menu?

A: Milk Bar Toronto opened with a limited selection of milk bar favorites that we knew could make the trip from NYC without compromising quality or freshness.

Q: Do you offer bake the book classes in Toronto?

A: At this time we are not offering baking classes in Toronto.

Q: Can I purchase a cake from your Toronto shop?

A: yes! We currently carry 6″ birthday cakes year round, available for walk in purchase.

Q: Are any of your items gluten free?

A: At this time our Toronto location does not carry any gluten free products.

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