Includes: Milk Bar Pie, 2 Assorted Cookie Tins

When life happens, here’s your first stop.

Superfan Faves

Includes: Milk Bar Life, Milk Bar Pie, B'Day Truffle Dozen Box, Chocolate B'Day Truffle Dozen Box, Dozen Assorted Cookie Tin

A must-have for the mega Milk Bar enthusiast

The Classic

Includes: 6" Birthday Cake, B'Day Truffle Dozen Box

Tried and true b’day cake flavor fanatics, take note.

Milk Bar Stamps - Final
Not Your Average Bakery
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The Chocolatey Classic

Includes: 6" Chocolate Birthday Cake, Chocolate B'Day Truffle Dozen Box

Calling all chocolate superfans.


Includes: 6" Gluten Free Birthday Cake, Gluten Free B'Day Truffle Dozen Box

All of the goodies you crave. None of the gluten.

The Hallelu-YAAHH!

Includes: B'Day Truffle Dozen Box, 2 Assorted Cookie Tins

A super tasty shout out for nailing it, whatever “it” is.