Gifts Under $100

Showstopper sweets for standout gifting, all under $100 


Includes: Milk Bar Pie, 2 Assorted Cookie Tins

When life happens, here’s your first stop.

The Truffle Trio

Includes: B'Day Truffle Dozen Box, Chocolate B'Day Truffle Dozen Box, Pumpkin Dulce de Leche Truffle Dozen Box

The Hallelu-YAAHH!

Includes: B'Day Truffle Dozen Box, 2 Assorted Cookie Tins

A super tasty shout out for nailing it, whatever “it” is.

Milk Bar Stamps - Final
Not Your Average Bakery
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Cake For Life

Includes: 6" Birthday Cake, Milk Bar: All About Cake

If you enjoy eating cake/ making cake/ dreaming about cake, this one’s for you.