“When it comes to feel-good food, there’s nothing like a towering, colorful, frosted, and sprinkled birthday cake. It’s impossible to dig into a slice without smiling (thousands of kids across the country can’t be wrong). And when it comes to epic birthday cakes, no one makes them better than the team at Milk Bar. Its version is made with traditional vanilla cake, a creamy, sweet frosting slathered in between three (count ‘em!) layers, and doused with a shower of rainbow sprinkles. Wanna learn how to make it at home? Check out this video with Milk Bar owner Christina Tosi and BA senior food editor Alison Roman, then read on for insider tips on the essential four steps to birthday cake nirvana. Need even more Milk Bar in your life? Check out Tosi’s new book, Milk Bar Life, on sale this April.” (read more)

(Rochelle Bilow /Bon Appétit / March 3, 2015)