Is there ice in this pie? No. Is there a delicious and unbelievably smooth espresso & cream custard, milky dulce de leche, a spiced cookie crust, and a crackly caramelized brûlée’d top to boot? Yes, absolutely it has all of those things. The flavor of this pie recalls the best iced latte you’ve ever had and tastes way more sophisticated than the ingredient list would suggest.


Tiramisu is so luxurious and fancy, even saying the word makes you want to put your pinky out. This Tiramisu Layer Cake is certainly lush, but it’s got a lot of heart too.


Sure, you’ve had a pound cake. But what about a pound cake with all your sweet and salty cravings? This Ultimate Pound Cake mixes chocolate, butterscotch, oats, ground coffee, graham cracker crumbs and is topped with pretzels and potato chips—all the goodness that goes into our iconic Compost Cookies.


This is not your grandma’s pineapple upside-down cake. Our PUD is a tropical-inspired dream with layers of fluffy coconut cake, tart poached pineapple, maraschino cherry soak, box cake mix inspired PUD frosting, and a yellow cake crumb topping.


Carnival rides, ticket booths, that ring game that you just need to try one more time—state fairs are awesome. But the thing we love about them most? Fried circles of dough on a paper plate covered in a mountain of powdered sugar. Oh yeah, funnel cakes.


Fancy cakes are cool and all, but nothing beats a hot cake with a handle. Like our iconic Compost Cookie, this mug cake breaks all the rules with mix-it-if-you-got-it ingredients: potato chips, oats, ground coffee, chocolate chips, butterscotch, marshmallows, ritz crackers, pretzels, or any of your favorite snacks hanging out in the pantry.

German Chocolate Cake Waffles

Based on the classic cake, this recipe starts by spiking your waffle batter with rich cocoa powder and sweetened shredded coconut for an iconic flavor combo.

Banana Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes

This mini-version of Oprah’s favorite Banana Hazelnut Layer Cake is more do-able in the kitchen and more shareable for get-togethers. Top with banana chips & toasted hazelnuts.

Cake-Mix Coffee Cake

Our coffee cake, a combo of cake mix and sour cream, is the best excuse to eat cake for breakfast. Set aside extra cake mix and cinnamon for a glorious crumbly topping.

Hilly's Broken Heart Chocolate Lava Cookies

A recipe for the chocolate lovers. Hilly’s Broken Heart Chocolate Lava Cookies tastes like the edges of a decadent brownie, but has a gooey center for the brownie center lovers too. It’s the best of both worlds.

Carrot Graham Layer Cake

Our recipe layers smooth liquid cheesecake and white chocolate milk crumb between moist cinnamon-spiced carrot cake rounds, which we top off with graham frosting. Perfect for Easter or anytime!

Macerated Strawberry Shortcakes

A real crowd pleaser, these fluffy cakes, when served with macerated strawberries and whipped sour cream, are the perfect last-minute dessert for Easter or anytime!

Tosi’s Tangy Lemon Bars

Tosi’s Lemon Bar recipe is tart, fudgy, and dusted with confectioner’s sugar. Boxed lemon cake mix and lemon zest make this cookie bar the perfect treat post springtime cookout or straight out of the fridge.

Milk Bar Strawberry Shortcake Truffles

As Seen on Rachael Ray! Strawberry Shortcake Truffles have all of the flavors of springtime rolled into one delicious bite - buttery vanilla cake, sweet strawberry buttermilk soak, a smooth white chocolate coating, and crunchy rich shortcake crumbs to top it off. Sounds like a fun afternoon project for all.


What's better than cinnamon rolls? Hilly's Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Cake. Inspired by diner classics and breakfast favorites, this cake is what breakfast dreams are made of.


These lightly sweetened biscuits are tender, buttery and delightfully crumbly.


This impossible-to-put-down fan favorite filled with gooey buttery goodness and delivered straight to your mouth in a hearty, toasted oat crust will have you coming back for more.


From Tosi: Compost Cookies® always turn out great in my mother’s kitchen because she infamously has a hodgepodge of mix-ins, none in great enough quantity to make an actual single-flavored cookie on its own. My brother-in-law calls them “garbage cookies”; others call them “kitchen sink cookies.” Call them what you want, and make them as we make them at Milk Bar, or add your own favorite snacks to the cookie base in place of ours.

Birthday Cake

We took the best parts of childhood, removed all of the awkwardness and added heaps of made-from-scratch birthday cake and frosting (inspired by the boxed supermarket stuff we grew up with). Meet Milk Bar’s B’day Cake, packed with b’day crumbs in the middle, even more on top and dreamy vanilla vibes throughout.

B'Day Truffles

From Tosi: My favorite offering at Milk Bar is our cake truffles, spawned entirely from leftover bits and pieces of cake! You can choose to follow the recipe, or get crazy, without our guidance, using leftovers to concoct your own. Don’t limit yourself to birthday cake; you can use any cake scrap and any leftover fillings, crumbs, or crunches from your kitchen!

Chocolate Malt Cake

Milk Bar's Chocolate Malt Cake is chocolate cake layered with malted fudge, malted milk crumbs and charred marshmallows all topped with malted chocolate frosting!

Cereal Milk

It took trial, error and more than a few taste tests to land on that hard to describe, but instantly familiar sorta sweet, sorta corny milk flavor at the bottom of your cereal bowl. Now you can recreate your own steeped milk sensation with our recipe as a guide.


Valentines Day, date night, just because - whatever the reason, our red velvet take on this luxurious - and cheesy in the best way - treat always brings the heat.


Introducing: Hilly's Strawberry Shortcake Icebox Cake. This season's spinoff on Strawberry Shortcake Cake takes inspiration from the classic Good Humor strawberry ice cream pop. It's giving us all the ice cream truck vibes and we're here for it.


Our limited-time-only Strawberry Shortcake Cake is all about the flavors of springtime — buttery vanilla cake and whipped cream frosting with a brilliant punch of strawberry jam (not to mention a throwback to one of Tosi's earliest claims to dessert fame). Try your hand at the recipe!


The beauty of this recipe: freestyle however you'd like! Use your fave cereal and mix-ins, or whatever you have in the pantry. This simple yet satisfying recipe requires no baking, and is the perfect (kid friendly!) activity if you want a dessert fix, without the fuss.

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